The Brookside Art Annual is an annual event sponsored by the Brookside CID, a Political subdivision funded by public money via sales tax assessments.
Goal & Objectives:

Increase awareness and attendance of the Brookside Art Annual.
• Increase attendance by 10%
• Increase social media engagement and followers by 10%
• Increase national ranking by 2

  • A modest budget of $15,000.
  • Limited exhibit, entertainment, and parking space.
  • Located three miles from one of the longest running, most beloved, top ten ranked fine art festivals in the country: the Plaza Art Fair.
  • Consistent messaging through print, radio, and social media revolving around the design of the art annual poster.
  • Focused media during the 30 days prior to art annual weekend.
  • Captivating visual posts of attending artists’ work.
  • Conscious media placement on radio, Ink magazine, and social media platforms.
  • Entertainment seekers
  • Prior attendees to the art fair, St. Patrick’s Day Warm-Up Parade, or the Holiday Season Opener
  • Mix of ages: 25-34 as well as 35-60
  • Stay up to date on Kansas City area happenings
  • They are updating and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about their weekend activities.
Most important campaign statistic:

During the month of April 2016, total organic reach increased 46% over the same time frame in 2015.

Evaluation and results:

The Art Annual continues to see increases in sales with 2016 showing the greatest increase at 93%. In addition, the Brookside Art Annual moved from being one of the Top 25 Art Shows in the United States as ranked by Art Source (based on attendance and sales) in 2014 to one of the Top 20 Art Shows in 2016.

Today, the Brookside Art Annual Facebook page has 3,440 followers, an increase of 33% over 2015.  Facebook total organic reach for April of 2016 was 198,620, an increase of 46% over 2015.  Adding in paid reach, the number topped 220,000.  Total engagement for the month of April, 2016: more than 1,100 clicks, 21 comments, 129 shares, and 653 likes.