Check out our 11 social media predictions for 2023. We based this on what we are reading, what the experts are saying and our own experiences managing and creating content across all the platforms. 

1. Video isn’t going anywhere. Videos don’t need to be overproduced or perfect. But your followers do want to consume video content. Plus, many platforms serve up video content more, putting you in front of new potential customers.

2. People want to learn or be entertained on social. Don’t create salesy content. Nobody wants to be sold to but it is OK to add a call-to-action (CTA) to let people know what the next step is or where they can go to get more details.

3. Fan growth is a dead metric. Stop tracking it. Fans are simply social proof. However, views are important. Remember the algorithm will find you an audience and people outside your followers, expanding your awareness to other people that look like your audience.

4. DMs on Instagram are a great sales tool. Instagram has signaled to us that they are adding more features to the Direct Message part of the app. Focus on CTAs that ask people to DM you for a link or to schedule a meeting, etc. Get a conversation going in the DMs.

5. Twitter is ideal for super niche audiences only. No shade to Twitter, but from a marketing perspective, there’s a lot of noise around the platform and in our opinion, a lot of instability. But even before it was “under new management,” Twitter had become less a social media for the masses and more a place to target very specific audiences or buyer personas.

6. TikTok is an opportunity for brands to grow and expand on a new(ish) platform. If you are starting from scratch on Facebook or Instagram, you most likely are not going to shoot to super stardom very quickly. These platforms have been around awhile and the audiences are pretty established. But TikTok is still growing like crazy and adding new audiences from different demographics. Obviously TikTok is not for every brand, but it could be for you and a great place to find new people.

7. Your email list drives leads and referrals. If you are wondering why we are mentioning email here it’s because it’s a part of your content and in turn, your social media. Out of all the social media platforms you are on, the only fans, followers, subscribers, etc, that you own are the ones on your email list. Continue to nurture this list. This will continue to be a lifeline to your customer base when social channels implode or there’s a power outage. 😉

8. Linkedin strategy – a must-have for every B2B company. LinkedIn tends to be slow to evolve but they are steady and continue to provide a good platform for B2B marketing endeavors. Pay attention to new features they add in 2023 and try them out to see if they are a good fit for your brand.

9. Social media influencers and creators shape what we see and what we buy. More brands are finding that Influencers and Creators can reach audiences that they simply can’t engage with in a meaningful way. At the same time, Influencers are becoming very savvy marketers and are producing results.  

10. People are using platforms like TikTok and IG more like Google to find things when they are shopping. Pinterst and Youtube are also more about being search engines and less for community or brand building. Pro tip: Think about social media channels acting more like a search engine than a place simply to scroll.

11. Hashtags are the all important road signs on social. As noted in #10, people are using social media more like they do Google. So how are they going to find you in 2023? By the hashtags and keywords you use in titles, captions, and comments.


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